Jamafest Program

street carnival

Street Carnival

From 3pm to 11pm, starting at City Square on Kampala road till the Railway grounds including a section of Parliamentary avenue. The Carnival will host 10 traditional groups, musicians and acrobats.

Opening Ceremony Flags

Opening Ceremony

A high profile presentation and representation of the best of East Africa - highlighted by the performance of the theme song - composed and performed by Heritage Roots.

Exhibition and demonstrations of crafts and arts. Processes of production, and the open market for product sales.

Exhibitions and Demonstrations

The Symposium

This edition of JAMAFEST will aim at producing a KAMPALA DECLARATION on Culture and Creative Industries. It will entail, a preliminary presentation and a keynote address by Professor Mamdani.

The Symposium
EAC Fashion

Fashion Show

It will provide a professional fashion runway, a showcase of traditional, modern and contemporary wear made by some of the best established and upcoming East African fashion designers.


Wrestling & Games

The epitome of the festival, in uniqueness and variety - the program will offer Ekigwo (wrestling), Ludo and Cheza (Okwepena) also known as dodge-ball.

Jamafest Cultural Festival

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